Windows "Softwear" Sweater

How'd we make a tech company warm and fuzzy? We put a sweater on it.

Case Study

The Holidays demand a lot from people: shopping, travel, family expectations. There's a lot of people demanding time, money and attention. To break through the noise, instead of demanding, we at Microsoft decided to give. We looked to our fans for inspiration and our heritage, the things that made us great. We combined cozy nostalgia with a contemporary design to create a custom "ugly holiday sweater" with an iconic Windows twist to surprise and delight social audiences.

Key Metrics:
  • 5.6M impressions
  • 13.4K #WindowsUglySweater mentions
  • 242K engagements
  • $0 paid media spend


Agency: Ayzenberg Group
Client: Windows
Role: Creative Direction